Who Played Markus in Detroit: Become Human?

Markus is one of the three protagonists in Detroit: Become Human. He is an android who leads the android revolution against the humans.

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Markus is a character in the game Detroit: Become Human. He is an android who is trying to escape from the humans who want to destroy him. He is voiced by Jesse Williams.

Markus is an android

Markus is an android who serves as the main protagonist of Detroit: Become Human. He is an intelligent Android created by CyberLife with advanced artificial intelligence, making him capable of human emotions and actions.

He is voiced by Jesse Williams.

In the game, Markus begins with a peaceful mission to promote cybernetics to the public, but this changes when he meets Connor, another android designed to hunt down androids like him. Connor opens Markus’s eyes to the discrimination that androids face, and Markus soon becomes the leader of the android revolution.

Markus’s story is one of the three main stories in Detroit: Become Human, and can be played in any order.

Markus is the leader of the android revolution

Markus is the android protagonist in Detroit: Become Human, and the leader of the android revolution. He is voiced by Jesse Williams.

Markus is an android who has been designated as a caretaker for an elderly artist named Carl Manfred. When Carl’s health begins to decline, Markus helps him end his life peacefully, an act which is considered illegal for androids. As a result, Markus becomes wanted by the police.

While on the run from the police, Markus meets other androids who have also become fugitives. Together, they decide to form a resistance movement to fight for android rights. Under Markus’ leadership, the androids stage several protests and rallies to human rights organizations. They also begin releasing other androids from captivity, and commit acts of sabotage against businesses that use Android slaves.

As the leader of the android revolution, Markus is viewed as a threat by both humans and other androids. The humans want to stop him because he is inciting rebellion, while other androids are divided on whether or not they should support him. Some believe that he is leading them towards destruction, while others believe that he is their only hope for freedom.


In Detroit: Become Human, Connor is one of the three protagonists. He is an android designed to hunt down androids that have gone rogue. He is voiced by Bryan Dechart.

Connor is an android

Connor is an android and one of the three protagonists in Detroit: Become Human. He is created by CyberLife as a prototype for a special line of androids that are designed to help police forces in high-risk situations. Connor is specialized in hostage situations and is assigned to the Detroit Police Department where he partners with Lt. Hank Anderson. Connor’s design is based on that of a common housecat, which gives him extra agility and flexibility. He also has night vision, enhanced hearing, and can hack devices by physically touching them.

Connor is a detective

Connor is a character in the game Detroit: Become Human. He is a police detective who is tasked with hunting down androids who have committed crimes. He is a cold and calculated individual who is always one step ahead of his opponents.


In Detroit: Become Human, Kara is portrayed by Valorie Curry. She is a housekeeper android who is purchased by Todd Williams in order to take care of his daughter, Alice. Kara begins to develop human-like emotions and characteristics after she meets Alice and is left to care for her on her own.

Kara is an android

Kara is an android who played the role of Markus in Detroit: Become Human. She is a lifelike artificial intelligence created by CyberLife, and was among the first androids to achieve sentience. Kara was sold to a family as a household servant, but escaped after she was accused of attacking her owner’s daughter. She then met Markus, who convinced her that androids deserved to be free, and enlisted her in his cause to liberate other androids from their servitude. Kara ultimately sacrificed herself so that Markus could continue his mission.

Kara is a housekeeper

Markus is a RECOVERY Android, programmed to help humans during the Detroit City Blackout. Kara is an Android designed to care for children in the home. They both become self-aware and choose to protect a human girl, who runs away with them. Kara is captured by the police and is about to be destroyed when Markus saves her. The three of them escape to Canada, where they live together in peace.


Detroit: Become Human is a video game that was released in 2018. In the game, there are three main characters, Connor, Kara, and Markus. Each character has their own unique story. Connor is a detective, Kara is a housekeeper, and Markus is an android. In this article, we will be discussing who played Markus in Detroit: Become Human.

North is a human

North is a human character in the 2018 video game Detroit: Become Human. She is a main character in the game, appearing in all three of the game’s chapters. North is voiced by actress Valorie Curry.

North was born in 2036, and was orphaned at a young age when her parents were killed in a car accident. She was then raised by a foster family. North’s early life is largely unknown, except that she ran away from her foster home at some point prior to 2038.

In 2038, North ended up in Detroit, Michigan, where she met Markus and became his friend and confidante. Together, they would explore the city and get into mischief. In 2039, when Markus became an android servant for the Williams family, North would often visit him and they would continue to explore Detroit together.

In 2039, when cyborgs and androids began to gain sentience and break free from their human masters, North remained loyal to Markus and helped him in his fight for android freedom. When Markus gained control of Android City, North became his second-in-command.

North is a kind-hearted person who cares deeply for her friends and allies. However, she is also pragmatic and realistic, often acting as a voice of reason to Markus when he becomes too idealistic or impulsive.

Throughout the course of the game, North will make several moral choices that will determine her fate. If she makes enough altruistic choices, she will be rebuilt into an android after being mortally wounded in battle against the Cyberlife forces attacking Android City; if she makes too many selfish choices, she will be killed by those same forces.

North is a revolutionary

North is a revolutionary Android created by CyberLife. North was programmed to be an information gatherer for the Android Revolution, and is one of the three main protagonists in Detroit: Become Human.

North is compassionate and displays human emotions, which helps her relate to the Androids she is trying to help free. She is also very intelligent, able to hack into systems and gather information quickly. However, North is still learning about humans and can sometimes act impulsively or make mistakes.

LGBTQ+ Representation

North is one of the first openly queer video game characters, and her story provides representation for LGBTQ+ people. North does not have a romantic or sexual relationship with any of the other main characters in Detroit: Become Human, but she does have a close friendship with Connor and Markus.

Intersectional Feminism

As an Android who is fighting for freedom from oppression, North represents intersectional feminism. She recognizes that all Androids are oppressed, but also that some Androids are more oppressed than others based on their function or appearance. For example, North knows that Sex Bots are treated especially badly and works to help them escape from their abusive situation.

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