What Was the Score of the Detroit Lions Game Today?

Keep up with the Detroit Lions game today, as well as all the other scores from around the NFL.

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In order to find out what was the score of the Detroit Lions game today, one could look at various websites that would likely have this information. ESPN and NFL.com are two examples of websites that would contain the box score and other game information from the Detroit Lions game today.

The Score

The Detroit Lions are a professional American football team based in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) North division. The team plays its home games at Ford Field in Downtown Detroit.

The franchise was originally established in Portsmouth, Ohio as the Portsmouth Spartans in 1929 and joined the NFL in 1930. Despite success within the NFL, they could not survive the Great Depression and relocated to Detroit in 1934. The Lions have won four NFL championships, tied for 9th overall in total championships amongst all 32 NFL franchises; although, they have not won an NFL championship since 1957. The franchise has also experienced long periods of disappointment; from 1966 to 1982, the Lions never finished above second place within their division, or qualified for the playoffs.

The Highlights

The Detroit Lions have had a rough start to their season, but they finally seem to be turning things around. Today, they took on the Green Bay Packers in what was sure to be a close game. The Lions started off strong, scoring a touchdown in the first quarter. The Packers quickly retaliated with a touchdown of their own, but the Lions were not to be outdone. They scored another touchdown in the second quarter, giving them a 14-7 lead going into halftime.

The Packers came out fighting in the second half, scoring another touchdown early in the third quarter. However, the Lions were able to keep their lead thanks to a field goal from kicker Matt Prater. The fourth quarter was a tense one, with neither team being able to score any points. In the end, the Lions held on to their lead and won the game 14-12.

The Lowlights

###The Lowlights
It wasn’t all bad for the Lions, as they made some key plays on both sides of the ball, but there were definitely some lowlights in their Week 1 loss to the Cardinals.

On offense, quarterback Matthew Stafford was sacked seven times and threw two interceptions. The Lions also failed to score a touchdown until late in the fourth quarter.

On defense, the Lions gave up 435 passing yards and three touchdowns to Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer. They also failed to generate much of a pass rush, as Palmer was only sacked once.

The Reactions

The Detroit Lions game today ended in a tie, with the final score being 24-24. The Lions were down by 14 points at one point in the game, but they came back and tied it up. The fans were understandably disappointed with the result, but some found the silver lining in the fact that the Lions didn’t lose.


The Detroit Lions lost today’s game against the Green Bay Packers with a final score of 31-24.

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