Asia-Pacific Free Paid Survey List

There are several global and regional legitimate online paid survey sites accept members from Asia-Pacific countries and regions. Below are listings of online survey panels for people who live in Asia.

Online Survey Sites for ALL Asia-pacific countries

Following are global online survey panels open to worldwide residents, including all (or majority of) Asia-paicfic countries (including but not limited to: HongKong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand). If you live in the region, I suggest you sign up with these survey sites. To find if your country is accepted, you might need to select your country of residence from the “country” drop down list on the registration form.

  1. Global Test Market
    Earn points and sweepstakes entries for surveys. Points are redeemable for cash (check/Paypal) or various gift cards such as amazon and iTunes.  Please make sure to complete your profile survey(s) within the first 2 weeks of registration.  Accept 14+ years old.
  2. SurveySavvy
    Get paid cash for every survey and focus group. Many surveys are very rewarding. They have a double tier referral structure. Open to 13+ years old and worldwide.
  3. Brand Institute
    Pay cash (Check/Paypal) for survey and focus groups. Must sign up with this site if you are a health care professional (doctor, nurse or pharmacist)! Must be 18 and older to join.
  4. Paid Viewpoint
    Paid Viewpoint accept members from all over the world. Most of their surveys are short and interesting, and they pay cash directly by Paypal.

26 thoughts on “Asia-Pacific Free Paid Survey List

  1. There is a option to redeem the earned amount in ipoll through paypal. But the option is not properly programmed to redeem through. If I click redemption, the paypal option goes to some other sites like donation to charities and gift vouchers. Such things are to be watched before signup in a survey site. Is there any solution to withdraw my amount through paypal from ipoll. I you know please tell me.
    thank you,

    • Hi kumaraguru, I think that means you have not earned enough in your account to cash out cash via Paypal. I have cashed out through Paypal before and had no problems. check out my iPoll review and you can see my Paypal payment. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments!

  2. I have registered with 4 of the above survey sites. I am getting surveys rarely. Most of the surveys are sent to me for counting the number of participants attended the survey . So, at the opening of the survey, it displays that “sufficient number of participants already attended the survey and you will be sent more surveys soon” like this. Most of the surveys sent after 3 days from the date of opening. So, the survey company achieves sufficient number of participants and counting more participants they sending after 3 days. it should be the fact. Other wise please send me other ideas if they adopt.
    Thank you,

  3. I have attempted survey head a billion time but all the surveys end up saying unfortunately you do not qualify. So I am sure that survey head is not worth the rating

  4. hi…already registered numbers of survey sites but still nothing even cents to my paypal account..confused if this is a real deal or not….thank you

  5. Gud day:

    I want try your paid survey website, (Clear Voice Survey), others doesn’t seem look good not only in providing surveys but as well as the system of payments.

  6. I just sign up for and after all answering all the queries, it says there that there was a problem in saving my data and they will look upon the matter… Are you also a SCAM? That site is posted in your list.

  7. Hello J.J., it seems that the owner of that “2009 Top Work From Home” website thinks PaidSurveysEtc is not a scam. but I suggest you stay away from PaidSurveysEtc and in my opinion it is scam.

  8. Did you guys see the “2009 Top Work From Home” @ bottom of your homepage?? I’m confused!! Cuz’ you listed “Paid Survey, etc” on your scam list but it appears as No.2 recommended on that “2009 Top work from home” weblink. So, is it scam or not

  9. :-?: Hi Wylleen. You’re not the only one facing verification code problem in the website. I gaveup. Will come back to it later after I have registered with other web-friendly websites.Let me know should you find a solution to it.In the meanwhile, globaltestmarket,pl RESPONSE. TQ
    Abdul Wahab

  10. Hi,

    Just signed up with the survey sites listed on this site – click each link which takes you to survey site registration form, and fill out the information required on the form.

  11. hi ive tried visiting the global test market but i cant register. there seems to be a problem with the verification codes. No matter how correct i enter the codes shown, the system do not accept this.

  12. I’ve tried visiting GLOBAL TEST MARKET but it seemed that the site was not on it’s right format, I can’t hardly figure out all the text…what happen?

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