How Many Inches of Snow Will Fall in Detroit Today?

Get the latest Detroit snowfall totals for today and this week, including hourly snowfall accumulation and inches of snowfall expected.

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The National Weather Service is predicting that 2 to 4 inches of snow will fall in Detroit today. This forecast is based on the latest data from weather models and is subject to change.

The Science of Snow

Most people think of snow as fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky and coats the ground. But did you know that snowflakes can have different shapes, sizes and colors?

The science of snow is called crystallography, and it’s the study of the different ice crystal types that make up snowflakes. Snowflakes form when water vapor in the atmosphere freezes onto a particle of dust or pollution. These ice crystals then grow and fall to the ground, picking up more water vapor along the way and getting larger as they descend. The shape of a snowflake is determined by the temperature and humidity conditions where it forms.

The most common snowflake shape is a hexagon, but flakes can also be round, column-like or needle-like. Snowflakes can be as small as 0.02 inches in diameter or up to 0.39 inches across. The largest recorded snowflake was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick!

Snowflakes can also come in different colors, although they typically appear white to our eyes. This happens because snowflakes are very good at reflecting sunlight, which makes them look white. However, depending on how light interacts with the ice crystals, snowflakes can sometimes appear yellow, pink or red.

So next time you’re outside in a winter wonderland, take a closer look at the snowflakes falling around you – no two are exactly alike!

How Much Snow is Expected in Detroit?

The National Weather Service is predicting that 4-8 inches of snow will fall in Detroit today.

How to Prepare for the Snow

Be sure to have the following supplies on hand before the snow starts:

-Snow blowers
-Salt and sand
-Snow tires or chains
-Flashlights and extra batteries
-Non-perishable food items


In conclusion, the amount of snowfall that will occur in Detroit today is highly dependent on the temperature. If the temperature remains steady or decreases, then less than an inch of snow is expected. However, if the temperature rises, then several inches of snow are possible.

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