How Dangerous is Detroit?

A lot of people have been asking me lately how dangerous Detroit really is. I decided to write a blog post to address this issue.

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The city of Detroit

Detroit is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Michigan, and is also the seat of Wayne County.With a 2019 estimated population of 670,031, it is the 24th-most populous city in the United States and the second-largest in the Midwest.

The city’s history

Detroit’s beginnings date back to July 24, 1701, when French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac and his crew landed on the site where the Detroit River meets Lake Erie. Cadillac built a fort on the riverfront and, shortly thereafter, a small settlement developed around it that came to be known as Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit. Cadillac and his men were welcomed by the local Native Americans, who helped them to build houses and grow crops. The French named the settlement after Louis XIV’s minister of marine, Ponteacardain. As the years went by, more settlers arrived from France and other parts of North America, and Detroit slowly began to grow.

During the early years of Detroit’s history, relations between the settlers and the Native Americans were relatively peaceful. However, this changed in 1763 when Britain defeated France in the Seven Years’ War and gained control of all of France’s North American colonies, including Detroit. The British encouraged more settlers to move to Detroit, which led to conflict with the Native Americans who were opposed to further encroachment on their land. This ultimately resulted in Pontiac’s Rebellion of 1763-1764, in which a coalition of Native American tribes tried unsuccessfully to drive the British out of Detroit.

After Pontiac’s Rebellion was put down, relations between the British and the Native Americans continued to deteriorate, culminating in the outbreak of hostilities known as The Indian Wars in 1776. These conflict would rage on for several decades and would have a profound impact on Detroit’s history. In 1794, for example, General Anthony Wayne led American forces against a coalition of Miami, Shawnee and Ottawa Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers just south of Detroit. The Americans were victorious and this victory helped to secure American control over much of present-day Ohio and Indiana.

In 1805, two years after Wayne’s victory at Fallen Timbers, Detroit finally became part of the United States when it was formally ceded by Britain as part of the terms ending

The city’s population

As of 2018, the city of Detroit had an estimated population of 672,662. This is down from a peakpopulation of 1,849,568 in 1950. The decline in population has been accompanied by a decrease in the city’s land area. In 1950, the city had an area of 138 square miles (357 km2), but as of 2018, its land area had shrunk to 79 square miles (205 km2).

The city’s crime rate

The city’s murder rate

With a murder rate of 40.8 per 100,000 residents, Detroit has the unfortunate title of being America’s most dangerous city. In 2017, there were267 murders in Detroit. While this is a significant decrease from the316 murders that took place in 2016, it is still an alarmingly high number. In fact, Detroit’s murder rate is more than double the national average.

While homicides receive the most attention, they are not the only type of crime that occurs in Detroit. There were also 5,137 reported rapes, 9,377 reported robberies, and 16,137 reported aggravated assaults in 2017. This means that there was an average of one rape every 8 hours, one robbery every 2 hours, and one aggravated assault every 45 minutes in Detroit last year. Overall, there was a total of 21,718 violent crimes committed in Detroit in 2017.

The city’s robbery rate

Robbery is defined as taking or attempting to take something of value by force or threat of force. In 2018, there were 532 robberies in Detroit. This means that, on average, there was one robbery every day. The majority of these robberies (60%) took place on the streets, while 22% took place in commercial establishments and 18% took place in residences. The average loss per robbery was $751.

The city’s carjacking rate

In 2019, Detroit’s carjacking rate was 1,231 per 100,000 residents, making it the most dangerous city in the United States for this crime.

Is Detroit a dangerous city?

Detroit has been in the news a lot lately for its high crime rates. But just how dangerous is the city? Let’s take a look at the statistics to see if Detroit is really as dangerous as people say it is.

What the experts say

The experts say that Detroit is a dangerous city. However, they also say that the city has made great strides in recent years to improve public safety.

What the residents say

What the residents say:

“I feel safe in Detroit. I never have any problems.”

“I feel safe walking around during the day, but I wouldn’t walk around at night.”

“I don’t feel safe in Detroit. I always worry about being mugged or shot.”

How to stay safe in Detroit

Detroit has a reputation for being a dangerous city. However, if you take the necessary precautions, you can stay safe. Avoid walking alone at night, be aware of your surroundings, and don’tflash

Avoid certain areas of the city

Detroit is a city with a high crime rate, and certain areas of the city are more dangerous than others. If you’re visiting Detroit, it’s important to be aware of the areas to avoid and take precautions to stay safe.

The most dangerous areas of Detroit include the east side, west side, and north end. These areas have high rates of violent crime, drug activity, and poverty. If you’re visiting these areas, be sure to stay in well-lit areas and don’t venture into neighborhoods that you’re unfamiliar with.

Other areas to avoid include Midtown, downtown, and east downtown. These areas are known for carjackings, muggings, and robberies. If you’re planning on visiting these areas, be sure to travel in groups and avoid walking alone at night.

If you’re unsure of where it’s safe to go in Detroit, ask a local or check online resources before venturing out into the city. By taking some simple precautions, you can ensure that your visit to Detroit is safe and enjoyable.

Take precautions when travelling in the city

Despite its reputation, Detroit is actually a relatively safe city. However, as with any large urban area, there are certain areas that are best avoided, especially at night.

Here are some general tips to stay safe in Detroit:

-Avoid travelling alone at night. If you must travel alone, be sure to stay in well-lit, busy areas.
– Do not carry large sums of cash with you and be aware of your surroundings when using ATMs.
– Never leave your drink unattended and be cautious of accepting drinks from strangers.
– Avoid travelling through any areas that look unsafe or deserted.
If you are the victim of a crime, report it to the police immediately.

Be aware of your surroundings

Detroit is a large city with a lot of crime. You should always be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that are known to be dangerous. If you are walking alone, keep to well-lit areas and don’t take shortcuts through alleyways or deserted streets. When driving, be cautious of carjackings and keep your doors locked and windows up. If you must stop for any reason, do so in a well-lit area with plenty of people around.

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